July 2017 Newsletter

July 1, 2017

Sponsored Student Update

Thank you to all who helped by making the fundraising trip back north a great success. I am so happy to be able to say that all of our students have a sponsor this year. Many of our students have asked, "Who are these people who help us get educated?" You are not only giving them the opportunity to go to school, but to break the cycle of poverty that has plagued their families for decades. Thank you all who have been a part of this challenge. We will be sending 7 students on to the local universities this year. These young adults go with a great determination to make everyone proud. One thing that we noticed last year was, the students go to University to become professionals, yet they dressed in second hand clothes that did not fit or were noticeably worn out. Last year several ladies took the opportunity to go shopping and help dress these adults for success. We are doing the same this year with all the university students. If you would like to contribute in dressing these students for success, you can donate on our website or by mail and allocate funds to University Students Clothing.



Ministry Home

The ministry home we are working on acquiring is getting close. The attorney in Mexico has asked us for a ton of information and documents to be able to write up the agreement legally. She stated one day that once all the legal papers are on her desk, the time would be short. Please keep us in your prayers as this has been a monster hurdle.The funds are close to being covered, but not totally.  It is just the paperwork that is the delay. If you feel led to be involved in this project, feel free to contact us. We will try and raise some extra funds to get the house up and running to best serve our teams that come to build. 


  Ministry Updates

Someone I talked to the other day day said, “You better be careful, we see it is record heat in the Southwest”. I said, “Yes it is hot, so could you please pray for our friends in Mexico”. Many of the homes have no A/C, much less electricity. The homes are not insulated and many families do not have ice water at their beckon call. This past Tuesday, they found Oscar one of our friends in the neighborhood, lying on the floor of his trailer. He had not had anything to eat or drink for 3 days and collapsed. They are hoping he will be coming home this week. The neighbors are going to see what they can do to collect some cash to try and get him electricity so at least he can run a fan. We will help to install the pole and get the cable run to the house for him. Please keep Oscar in your prayers. He is malnourished and earns what he can at the dump collecting trash to scrap.This is a hard time for the community we work in. Ice has jumped up in price the last week making the cost beyond some families reach. Ice was ten pesos a block and now is 15 pesos a block.The price went from $.59 to $.89 for ice every other day. Many will spend the money on a growling stomach over a dry mouth. So thank you for your continued financial support to keep fresh water in the jugs, and for your love and prayers.


 We have been waiting for one of our students to decide if she wanted to go to school. I asked Thania and Beatriz if they had talked with her about her decision.They said every time they went, she would avoid the situation. The other day as I was pulling in, I noticed a little white car following me. When I came to a stop, the student got out and wanted to speak with me. As she started talking, I noticed she was very nervous and her waist length hair was cut short. She looked more like a 16 year old boy than a 16 year old girl. Nervously she told us that something had come up and she was not sure about school. Then she made the roundabout movement at her belly. Just what I was afraid of, she was coming to tell me that she was pregnant. My heart sank and I just wanted to end the conversation. And then came the nudge telling me to walk around the fence and give her a hug. I walked around the fence, gave her a hug and to my surprise she gave me a giant bear hug back. I wanted to show my disappointment and shun her, but God said “Curt, Go and give her the grace she needs right now”. We encouraged her to push through this and we will walk with her every step of the way, helping in any way we can. Four days later she told us she was going to go to school and pursue a higher education. Thanks to her sponsor for sticking with her and your willingness to grant her the grace she needs at this time. Pray for our students. They are great kids under extreme pressure and many have no fatherly figure to look up to. 

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