March 2018 Newsletter

March 27, 2018

Another fun team, another wonderful family to build for. Antonia came to us two years ago and asked if we could help her with a new house. She was added to the list as so many are, and she had to wait. Almost 5 months ago we began the paperwork and then poured the cement for the new house. I told the husband I was sorry that they had to wait five months before the home would be done. He said, "No problem. We will wait for our dream of a new home." The week was filled with lots of good food, fellowship, and celebration. We celebrated four birthdays during the week and of course, it all had to involve cake! The family we built for was so grateful that they supplied a wonderful lunch at the end of the week. This past week, Antonia asked if I could stop by so she could give me something. She gave all those involved in the house build a very nice card.




“Dicen Que No Existes” was the greeting on the card we received from the family. It simply says, “They say you do not exist”.


But we do exist. We do what we do because of our love for God!


1 Corinthians 8:6

"Yet for us there is one God, the Father, from whom are all things and for whom we exist, and one Lord, Jesus Christ, through whom are all things and through whom we exist."


This verse explains it all very well. It is because of God that we exist, and it is because of God that we are compelled to do what we do.

Thank you to the team who came and invested a week into a family in need.

You are loved.

During the Christmas break this year the sponsored students held a party at the detention center. After the party was over the director called one of the students and asked how a young man could get sponsored who lived at the center. A couple of our students went and interviewed the young man and asked us if there would be a possibility of helping him. We had just lost a student who had dropped out and decided to let this young man have an opportunity. This past week we met with the director and she gave us the testimony of the transformation in this young man's life. As much work as the student sponsorship program is, this testimony makes it all worthwhile. Letter from the director:


Hi, it's such an honor being able to give thanks for all of your support, specially with all of the help and joy we have been receiving from you!


I wanted to share with you the great news about the young boy Marco that is about to begin thanks to you this journey in high school, he has been struggling with a lot of emotions that constantly have him angry sometimes and then  depressed, but when he heard the news that he had been giving the opportunity of going to high school like all of his friends that were going,and it was so impressive how his mood change, he was suddenly so happy and motivated, he wasn't able to express his emotions and now he comes back from school and he wants to talk about how his day was or show us his grades and talks about how much his making an effort to keep going.... and all of this i think it's so important that you know how you are changing his life for good, and how this help that he is getting, is making him feel that there is someone caring for him to make him a better and prepared human being.


Sincerely thanks you so much!!!


So with that I would like to thank all of you who help and support these young adults. It is making a world of difference in their lives.

A big thanks to everyone for your prayers and support.

Love You,

Curt and Kelly VanEkeren

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