Homes of Hope Beginnings


Curt and Kelly VanEkeren

My job in Yuma, AZ was eliminated and work was scarce at this time.  I started traveling to San Luis, Mexico with a pastor friend of mine from where I attended church to do mission work.  We saw the poor living conditions in San Luis, and I asked if there was something, anything, we could do to help.

I met with our Pastor from Calvary Temple of Christ of Yuma, now known as Church for the City.  He challenged me to raise funds to see if we could establish and operate a mission in San Luis.

On my first fundraising trip back to my home area, I shared my vision.  On the way back to Yuma, I had secured a commitment of $20 a month.  I asked God, “What can I do with $20 a month?”. Kelly encouraged me to stay faithful and continue on. Soon, God began to open doors. We just had to walk through and trust Him.

With support from churches and individuals in the U.S., Casa has been blessed to build 60 homes in the past ten years, along with construction projects in the community when there is a need.  Casa has established an education program and helps support two feeding centers in the area we serve. A food pantry has been established by our students in the education ministry. When we see a need, we help!!

Other organizations have told the people we serve that they would be back to help, but they never returned.  Kelly and I made a commitment to continue going back to help the people of San Luis by sharing the love of Christ and by being disciples for Jesus in this city.

By no means did we start this mission.  God did the starting, we just held His hand and followed.

God Bless,

Curt and Kelly

Casa's Board Of Directors

Casa is a U.S. based nonprofit organization 501(c)(3) based in Yuma, AZ.

Curtis VanEkeren - Executive Director
Yuma, AZ

Kelly VanEkeren
Yuma, AZ

Donald L. Kruse
Yuma, AZ

Deb Brenneman
Sioux Falls, SD

Lori Gerking
Nebraska City, NE

Joel Wichman
Nebraska City, NE

Love must be sincere.
Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.
Romans 12:9