Casa's Student Ministry

How did the Education Ministry get started?

When visiting Casa with Curt and Kelly, and seeing what the mission was about, a couple who were good friends saw a need.  A young lady was sitting on her porch looking like she needed help.  After visiting with her and learning her story, a simple question was asked by the visiting mom. Would you go to school if you had the opportunity? The answer was yes, I would attend. After completing her education goal in Accounting, which included six years of schooling, this young lady now has a family, and also works for Casa in the Education Ministry.

What is the structure of education in Mexico?  

In Mexico, the education system provides a public education only through 9th grade for students.  After successfully graduating from 9th grade, students can move on to what we would call high school for a three year degree, but would have to pay their own way, which in San Luis is not possible for many young people.  In the Mexican education system, 10th through 12th grade is focused on starting their career in a chosen field,  much like a technical/associates degree.
After graduation from a three year program, a student can apply for three more years of study in their chosen fields.  When they have completed these three years and graduated from the university, they must pass an exam to obtain their certificate.  Then it is into the workforce.

What career fields are students presently studying?


How many students does Casa sponsor and what is the cost?

Casa has 24 students in the program as of now.  Students are attending classes at all levels.
Tuition rates differ from High School to University.

High School cost is $1000 per year x 3 years = $3000. Payable each year.
University cost $2500 per year x 3 years = $7500.  Payable each year.
Certificate cost is $800

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