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August 26, 2020

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  • How much does one wood structure home cost?

As of now, a home cost $5000.00. This price does fluctuate with material cost. This is the cost of the material for the structure only. There is also a cost for electrical ($125 - $175), and insulation ($150)

  • How big is the home?

The home 12ft x 30ft or 360 sq ft. This is about the size of a single stall garage. Most families have 5+ people living in this space.

  • What else do the families need?

Bed Frames ($800), Stoves ($300), Bed Sheets,

Towels, etc.

  • Is there any tangible items that can be donated?

If you would like to give money for this specific

need, you can allocate funds!

  • Are there any labor costs?

The only labor cost is for the septic tank which

costs $60.


Total cost :


Thank You for your support.






Things to Pray for...

-Continue to pray for our Ministry Center and updates to the home.

-For continued financial support.

-Student Sponsored Christmas Party Project

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