Feed The Hungry

 The students decided to have a patio sale at the ministry house. They raised around 7000 pesos in one day... close to 300 dollars.

They had no idea what they would use the money for, but they took the funds and saved it for the right time. Then the virus hit San Luis and everyone was stuck at home with no work and no way to feed their families.

One evening on a group chat, came a message…”Do we have money in the bank from the yard sale?"



"We have neighbors with red flags on their fences." (meaning they have quarantined and have not left the house to get food.)


" So let's do what we did at Christmas and fill baskets and deliver food to them."

Provisions Multiplied!

June 2020 newsletter food distribution
Casa decided to match their funds and they went to work. They shopped and gathered names of people in need. They filled 30 baskets with food and necessities, went out in groups of 2 and delivered to 30 households.

The word got out about their efforts and the donations started to roll in from people on both sides of the border .They were given a 10,000 peso match challenge. All donations totalled close to 40.000 pesos! They again gathered names, went shopping and set a plan to deliver the baskets with two people in each car, following the guidelines of the city government.

They set out on a Sunday morning and delivered 100 baskets of food and supplies to families all over the community. We are EXTREMELY proud of the hearts of these young adults.

This past week we heard of a family that had to decide between paying their electric bill or buying food. They decided since they needed to stay cool during the extreme temps, they would pay the electric bill. This left no money for food in the household. I sent the students a text and asked if they had any money left in the pantry funds and yes, they had saved some money.  They delivered food to the family the very same night.

Needless to say, a new ministry has been born out of a small neighborhood yard sale. We are planning on setting up a pantry fund for the students to manage.

Food Pantry Deliveries