March 2021 Newsletter #2


Hello from the CASA Board Of Directors,

Just wanted to send a quick note on what's going on the last few weeks with CASA. We have expanded the CASA board with two new members. Thank you to Joel and Lori for accepting these positions. We are looking forward to serving with you and working together to glorify the kingdom of God.

At our March board meeting we discussed the direction CASA should take in the next few months concerning house builds. With teams not being able to come and build, funding was a concern. Year end giving and special gifts had allowed us to do the first three builds. We still had funds in reserve, but wanted to make sure CASA could continue until things ramped up again. Teams from the past have indicated they are excited and ready to return as we adjust to the new normal, whatever that is. We will remain faithful to God for these answers. We also have new teams interested in coming to build, and becoming a part of the CASA family. The CASA board decided to move forward and do a fourth build and maybe another. We are blessed to say that funding has become available to proceed and continue with the rest of the build season. Thank you for your generous support.

Another item on the agenda was the situation Memo was in. Memo has become an important part of CASA. He wears many hats for CASA. Building maintenance and security, right hand man, translator, and helper on all builds. Most of all, he is our friend and brother. Memo had been staying across the street from our Mission House. This home became unavailable and was up for sale. The asking price was considerable for the property and really wasn't a good option. Memo then started staying in the small housing unit CASA had constructed behind the Mission House, but he needed a place to call his own. Currently, Memo lives in an apartment, but is a considerable distance away from the Mission House. Curt had been exploring options in the area, but none seemed to meet the need.  Right before our March board meeting, a property became available that seemed like a good fit...located right across the street from Pastor Miguel's church and only a block from Rosa’s. It is a corner lot with a half finished structure. With some work, it will be a perfect fit. The price point was the smallest of all the options we had considered. This reminded us of the process of purchasing the Mission House. After considering many options, the Mission House became available. With that being said, once again, God stepped in, and Memo has a home!  Memo is so excited, and he said he is going to sleep under the stars until the structure is complete. Memo’s family is excited to help with this project and are looking forward to visiting Memo. If you would like to support Memo in getting his new home finished, please contact us or visit our website at

Thank you all for your prayers, support, and compassion for our friends in San Luis, Mexico.

In Christ,

Curt & Kelly VanEkeren, Don Kruse, Mark Kuck, Steve Kuck,
Deb Brenneman, Lori Gerking, Joel Wichman


Memo's Home