November 2021 Newsletter

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Jeremiah 23:16 ESV
Thus says the Lord of hosts: “Do not listen to the words of the prophets who prophesy to you, filling you with vain hopes. They speak visions of their own minds, not from the mouth of the Lord.”

Greetings Friends,
The other day I was crossing back into the US and the officer who was checking my card asked me a question. “What are you bringing back with you today?” I had some prescription glasses I had just picked up. I showed her the case and opened them so she could see what I had. She said, “Oh, they are very important for vision. I said,  “Yes they are. I need them all the time.”  “You may go”, she said, “and have a good day.” 
As I pulled away, I was reminded of another conversation I had about vision.
Vision was brought up then, as well, by a retired Pastor friend of ours. We were having breakfast and talking about ministry, life, etc. He asked how it was going in Mexico. I told him we have had some obstacles we have had to deal with, but all in all, things are fine. He then asked me a question out of the blue. “Did you have a vision when the ministry started in Mexico?” I said, ”Yes, I did.”  He said, “Did you know as a Chrisitian, visions are not from us, but are given by God?”  I said I did not know that, but have read of visions God gave in the Bible. He went on to explain that the vision we had when we started was given directly from God. Then he said something about vision I will never forget. “When God gives a vision, it is for the reason of furthering the Gospel. When a vision is given by God, it is also expected to be fulfilled until God says that it is finished.” He asked, “Do you feel you have done what God has called you to do?” I said, “I am trying to do it the best I can.” “Good,” he said. “Let you, or no man stand in the way of fulfilling the vision God has given you, because the day will come when you and anyone trying to stop that vision will give an answer.” Vision was brought up just last week when we had our first group back serving. One of the students who is leading the December fundraising home build, was at the site a couple days. As we stopped for lunch she said, “I visualize us doing this and this to the house in December. Curt, do you think we can do that?”
“Of course we can”, I replied. I have learned over the last couple of weeks how important visions are, and would do anything to help the students reach their vision.

Amos 3:7  For the Lord God does nothing without revealing his secret to his servants the prophets.

Thank you First Evangelical Lutheran Church of Nebraska City, Nebraska for a fantastic week. We had the opportunity to get some student sponsors hooked up with some incredible students. We built a beautiful house and started some lasting relationships. It took us all four days to get it finished, but the end product was incredible. One of the helpers we had there that week was standing next to me when we dedicated the house. When the mom was handed the keys, she broke down in tears. I looked over at the guy next to me and the tears were rolling down his cheeks, and mine as well. Thank you to your congregation for your prayers, and also to your Pastor for putting together the awesome book to remind people to pray during the week. See you in January 2023!
December is fast approaching, and the students are all busy selling raffle tickets and getting prepared for the upcoming Yard Sale on November 13th. They have been raising funds by passing out letters to the community, and have done very well. This week we started the septic tank and the pouring of the floor. The students had the funds on hand to get it done. As the date gets closer, we ask that you keep us in your prayers for some needed things. We will have a group building, many with no building skills or safety skills around tools. Pray that the Lord provides a couple helpers that can help with the construction, but mostly help with the safety side of everything. The students would like to host a huge celebration on Friday after the dedication, with all who were involved during the week, as well as the family they are building for. We are praying someone volunteers to set up, and make food for the celebration. This is going to be a first for our students, and my feeling is, it won't be the last. They are a group of very motivated young adults that want to make a difference in their community and neighborhoods.
Thank you for your continued prayers and support. They are all greatly appreciated
Curt and Kelly
Floors are poured and the septic tank is in for the Student Home Build in December. The photo on the right is the current home of the family we will be building for.